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Did you know that Unions and Represented Workers are benefiting by seeking advice from management consultants?

Unions and safety professionals have a long standing relationship.  Without unions, the safety profession may not exist in the way it currently does.  SafetyLynx recognizes the value of unions in the fight to keep all workplaces safe for all workers. Accident, injury and deaths have reduced as a direct result of the efforts of our national and international unions and their fight to keep their members safe. We know that unions are necessary and our goal is to support safety efforts in a non-biased and impartial manner.  

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Why a Consultant Is An Innovative Choice For Unions

A Consultant Can Give An Impartial Assessment 

Most companies have great working relationships with their unions, but even great relationships can sometimes run into rough patches.  When dealing with the realization that management and unions could potentially have competing agendas, calling a consultant in to help can make a lot of sense.  Unions most often have a group of qualified people sitting on various committees ensuring that safe work places remain for every worker is an honourable priority.  Hiring a consultant to have a fresh assessment of the issues on the table can allow for the union to push for focus and prioritize the allocation of company resources.  A consultant will have an impartial view of the health and safety issues, and may also shed light on things that have been overlooked.

When A Union Has Questions About Corrective Actions

Some of the biggest hurdles a union faces is ensuring that corrective actions get implemented.  A consultant can take this a step further and help the union determine if that corrective action is the most reasonable, effective and long-term solution available.  Understanding management system processes from a management viewpoint is a critical tool our consultants can provide to unions and represented members. Our consultants have worked in all aspects of management, and also on the front lines.  A holistic view is a huge advantage. There are critical components to a properly managed corporate health and safety system; let us help you determine where the gaps are and help you hold decision-makers accountable.

Unions Should be Auditing To Determine Effectiveness

When it comes to implementing a health and safety management system, unions are often brought in to help develop programs, policies and procedures; but is your union provided with an accurate picture of standards set by the company?  Many companies audit themselves to determine where to improve, but has your union done its own audit of the company health and safety management systems and the honest implementation efforts that can be measured?  Are you confident that audit results provided to you accurately reflect performance, appropriate corrective actions, management accountability and all efforts which could be made to protect your workers?  Having a consultant perform audits in a collaborative manner with the unions can ensure trust, cooperation and a positive working relationship with their companies.

Giving Unions Management Expertise

Whether it is contract negotiations, day-to-day operations, investigations our routine inspections, having the same access to information that management has could make all the difference in the world.  Management has taken the time to hire, train and coach their own health and safety professionals; shouldn't the union be able to say the same?  Hiring a SafeyLynx consultant will give you the same picture management sees.  Understanding the other side is always advantageous in any situation.