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Unexpected Events

Unexpected events include accidents, incidents, refusal of unsafe work, work stoppage, and Ministry of Labour inspections. This module walks the supervisor through each event to ensure the protection of workers and compliance with applicable legislation. 

  • Should any of these unexpected events occur, an immediate response is required. Due to the complexity of proper procedures and the infrequent occurrence it is probable that a front line supervisor may not understand his/her responsibilities. This module walks the supervisor through the processes with flow charts, check lists, recommendations, legislative references and information.
  • Occasionally unexpected events occur such as accidents, refusal to do unsafe work, work stoppage due to hazardous circumstances, Ministry of Labour inspections, etc.
  • Many supervisors do not have a full understanding of their responsibilities since they seldom are required to respond to these issues.

The Unexpected Events Module walks the supervisor through the required responses and provides direction, records and flow charts to ensure that the worker is safe and all legislative requirements are met.

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