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Training Management

The Training Module keeps track of training by individual and notifies management of pending expiry dates three months in advance. This helps schedule update training and avoids nasty surprises when a worker with valid training is needed and none are available.

Training records are kept by employer, employee, training program, training provider, training dates, and expiry dates. Reports are provided based on a search of any of these records and automatic emails are sent to specified management reminding of required updates. Reports can be automatically emailed to specified personnel.

The Training module tacks the training programs by

  • Employee,
  • Course,
  • Date,
  • Expiration date,
  • Expiring with in the next 90 days
  • Training provider,
  • Trainer name, and
  • Location

This information can be searched on any of the data listed above.

Recording training is simple and quick. Just push a button.

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