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Solutions and Support

Did you know that more businesses are hiring consultants?

When it comes to business, getting the right information at the right time can be critical to your success.  Our Executive Consultants are here to help you with health and safety expertise, management change and sustainability, develop process improvement strategies, present innovative ideas, and  train your leadership to understand exactly what a health and safety management system can do to improve your bottom line.  We have worked for small companies with less than five employees and also with global organizations who have hundreds of thousands of people on their teams.  Our expertise crosses all sectors, both nationally and internationally.  Contact us today!

Management Support Services

Why a Consultant Is The Best Choice

A Good Consultant is an Honest Consultant

Having someone on your team who is not lost in bonus KPI's, or divisional competition for resources, or any other corporate inter-workings is critical to having an honest picture of performance.  As a manager, you must be able to allocate limited resources to exactly the right issues within the organization and having a consultant present you with clear facts.  You will have the information you need to make the right decisions for your company.  At SafetyLynx, we will work with you in strict confidence so that you know your information is secure while ensuring you also have the truth.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Consultants, especially safety consultants, are on the cutting edge of ideas, legislative requirements, innovative implementation, business strategy and techniques.  At SafetyLynx we stay relevant through partnerships with safety associations, committees and industry professionals.  Our international network of resources ensures we always provide you with the information that is the most up-to-date for your health and safety management system development and implementation.  We have a world of knowledge at our fingertips.

Resources Allocation Minimization

Hiring a full-time person and justifying the added head count can often be difficult, even for generous budgets.  SafetyLynx knows that ensuring you have set costs for services can help you reduce overhead, stick to your budget and add value to your organization.  Hiring a consultant will allow you to focus efforts on important projects or issues in order to drive results that you can use to improve your safety program, and your business.

A Fresh Set of Eyes

Consultants can notice even the smallest things within your organization which need to change, improve and be implemented to enhance safety. You and your employees experience your business and operate within it every day, making it easy to overlook things that a Consultant will notice. It is important to get a fresh set of eyes on your current ways of working, especially an expert in health and safety.

Hiring a Consultant can also help to boost workplace morale. Employees who recognize that you have taken the steps necessary to hire someone as an expert also recognize an organization who genuinely cares about improving. Even if your business already has a safety department or professional, hiring an outside consultant will drive creativity and  ownership by all involved.  Improved leadership leads to improved morale.  Improved morale leads to improved productivity.  Happy and safe employees drive profitable businesses.