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Safety procedures, forms, audit reports, hazard alerts, safety inspections and many more documents are kept on file and on hand in the Library Module.

This module eliminates the need to track down hard copy “safety manuals” scattered throughout your organization every time an update is made or a new document is added. All of the information is stored in the “cloud” system. Any change that is necessary is made on the central system once only and is instantly available to anyone granted access to SafetyLynx. This module allows you to upload your own documents to your library on SafetyLynx. In addition, several generic templates of health and safety procedures and programs are provided in the SafetyLynx template folder. These are made available for free downloading to your computer. Simply review the template, edit as you see fit, add your company logo and upload to your document library on SafetyLynx.

The Library has two sections;

Company Library

  • This holds the company H&S Manual, meeting minutes, communications, plans, objectives, and any other document to be filed.

SafetyLynx Template Library

  • The SafetyLynx Template Library contains over 120 H&S documents such as policies, programs, procedures, job safety analysis, forms, etc.

These document can be down-loaded to Microsoft Word, edited as necessary, and up-loaded to the company library to become part of the company H&S program. 

The Library Module templates provide a huge advantage for companies that are pursuing the Certificate of Registration (CORTM)

All templates have passed an external audit examination.

Private and Confidential SafetyLynx Inc. © All Rights Reserved 2019 Library Module

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