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Health and Safety  Systems Support

Find out how SafetyLynx can help you in all aspects of your health and safety management system!

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Union and Represented Worker 

Health and Safety Support

Find out how SafetyLynx is an innovative partner with all unions and represented workers.

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Click here to learn more about multi-level the COR™ Certification support we offer.

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Workplace Safety Evaluation and Risk Assessments

One of the most important steps in developing and implementing and health and safety management system is to ensure that you have properly identified workplace risks and current practices.  Each one requires a knowledgeable safety professional who can thoroughly assess your workplace to determine exactly what hazards are present, what levels of risks are associated with each hazard, and what controls should be applied.  Knowing what current practices exist also allow for the bigger picture - implementation and sustainable change management.



Being able to objectively measure your company's performance in health and safety is not an easy or simple task.  We can provide a non-biased approach with internal and confidential reporting with the only goal being, improvement.  Our collaborative approach will ensure that programs, behaviour and implementation barriers are identified and a plan for improvement is developed to include all levels within your organization.


Data Analysis and Future Programming

Compiling data is often done without a real plan as to how to utilize the data for a positive purpose.  Our experts are able to extrapolate the right information so that the pertinent details are applied to strategic planning and implementation efforts.  We refuse to reinvent the wheel, but we know how to make the wheel turn better.