SAFETY LYNX - Health and Safety Management Software


Company Structure:

Select up to three levels of company specific structure such as All Company, Division, and Department for reporting.

Risk Management:

Details Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Controls.  Can be used as a Hazard Inventory.


Includes Employee Information, Emergency Contact, Training Completed, Incidents/accidents involving employee.


Tracks training for all employees and identifies status such as Current, Expired, Expires in 3 Months, No Expiry, and All.

Accident/Incident Investigation:

Provides detailed investigation report, identifies program gaps and automatically generates Corrective Action Reports including legislation relevant to the gap specific to the jurisdiction of the event.


Includes Monthly Average Workers, Total Hours, First Aids, Medical Care, Lost Consciousness, Modified Work, Lost Time, Fatalities, Occupational Illness, Days Lost, Near Miss, Vehicle Damage, Total Recordable Injuries, Total Recordable Frequency, Lost Time Frequency, Lost Time Severity