SAFETY LYNX - Health and Safety Management Software


Use The Investigations Module to conduct thorough and consistent investigations using a standard format. This is much more than a simple investigation form. The tools provided assist in quickly identifying causes and implementing corrective actions

This module walks the investigator through the process using a simple fill in the blank process. Each step includes a guide to assist completion. The module goes much further than other programs in that it analyzes the evidence gathered, identifies causes and gaps in the system that lead to the accident, and the legislation applicable to the gap. A full accident/incident report is generated along with corrective action reports and corrective action plans to ensure a similar event does not occur. Analysis of event trends, injured worker information, type and severity of injury, location of accident, time of day, job being done at the time, care provided, and supervisor in charge are included. Reports can be automatically emailed to specified personnel.

  • The Incident / Accident investigation module helps the investigator identify all of the pertinent information and evidence needed.
  • The program then leads the investigator in analyzing the information and evidence to identify the causes of the incident or accident.

investigation reports

Corrective Action Report

  • Based on the causes identified, the program generates a Corrective Action Report which clearly shows what went wrong and the legislation applicable to the issue.
  • Attached to the Corrective Action Report is a Corrective Action Plan that is completed by the investigator identifying the person responsible for implementing the plan, actions to be taken, start and completion dates along with a review section to track progress and final implementation.
  • Corrective Action Reports that are incomplete are listed on the Dashboard for easy review at a glance. This closes the loop between identification of a corrective action and the completed implementation of the action.

 corrective action