SAFETY LYNX - Health and Safety Management Software

H&S Audits

SafetyLynx senior auditor has over 40 years' auditing experience in Canada, USA, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Mongolia. He holds a Lead Auditor designation by CSA/QMI for OHSAS 18000.

We have extensive internal auditing services for specific company standards or any of the international health and safety standards.

Our process includes,

  • Preparation for audit with company representatives
  • Opening meeting with management and worker representatives to discuss process
  • Conduct the audit with company representatives if requested
  • Daily update meetings with a summary of the findings for that day
  • Conduct a close-out meeting with management and worker representatives to summarized the audit findings
  • Identify and explain gaps as may be necessary
  • Recommend resolutions for each of the short-falls identified
  • Provide documents meeting audit requirements to fill gaps as may be necessary
  • Provide support through an external audit

Our goal is to become a temporary member of your company's team to assist in building, implementing and maintaining an effective health and safety program for the protection of your workers and efficiency of your organization.